Sunday, September 27, 2009

Development at 13 weeks

As you begin your second trimester, your chances of a miscarriage drastically drop. Your little one is now about the size of a jumbo shrimp, 2 ½ inches long and weighing about ¾ of an ounce. But make no mistake; this is no shrimp. Although your baby is tiny, he is a fully formed baby. His head is becoming more proportional to his body every week, and it now makes up about 1/3 of his size. Eyes and ears continue to move to their rightful places, as they develop. Your baby’s neck is also getting longer, so that the chin is no longer touching his chest. Reflexes are working; and if you were to touch him, he would squirm. Hands and feet also respond to stimuli, as they open and close.

Your baby has fully formed fingerprints, which make him like no other. His kidneys and urinary tract are beginning to function, so that he is able to urinate out amniotic fluid that he’s taking in. Even though he is swallowing amniotic fluid, all nourishment is being provided by the placenta now. (source:

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