Saturday, February 27, 2010

The nursery--take 2

Here it is, almost done...again! Our first crib was recalled, so our progress on the nursery was temporarily stalled. Our friends were kind enough to offer us their old crib and furniture and we feel so lucky to have received this furniture for our nursery! Here is how the nursery is looking these days...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

34 week appointment

We went to our 34 week doctor's appointment today. It was pretty uneventful. Same old story-blood pressure is good, weight is good, no swelling, measuring right on track. The doctor said that she is head down and will probably stay that way, so that is good news. There is, of course, a chance that she could still flip around but the doctor says that is unlikely.

Next on the agenda--choosing a pediatrician. We have a bunch of recommendations and just need to pick one.

We went to our first childbirth class this week. We finished our series on "baby care basics" and were left feeling annoyed and disappointed that we wasted our money on those classes. Luckily, our childbirth class is taught by someone else and the annoying couples that were in the other class are not in this one. (not nice, I know, but it's true) Anyways, the childbirth class that I was dreading was not all that bad, we actually learned something and I especially enjoyed the last 15 minutes when the dads had to give massages to learn/practice relaxation techniques. I hope every class ends that way because, yes, we have 3 more! Yikes! We got bumped out of the accelerated class because they were overbooked and are stuck going once a week, for four weeks! Dare I say, this class actually got me excited to give birth!?!

As for me, I am fairing pretty well. No real complaints, just lots of annoying things. I could do without the heartburn and my new addiction to rolaids, I am so big that I have outgrown many of my maternity shirts and now when she moves she actually hurts me sometimes. My belly button has made it's way to an outie. It is really weird in itself but it also has apparently become extremely attractive to 5 year olds who just can't refrain from pushing my "button" (which REALLY hurts!) I know, it could be way worse, but I am definitely ready for this little one's arrival!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kaylee at 34 weeks...

Officially 6 weeks to go!

Your Baby: Month 8

Baby’s senses are continuing to improve -- when light peeks in through your (extremely) stretched belly, those tiny eyelids and irises blink and dilate. And, baby can now recognize and react to simple songs… time to start practicing your lullabies! Growth (at least inside your womb) is starting to slow, and you may notice baby descend into your pelvis at the end of this month.

Monday, February 15, 2010

what's going on with Kaylee... (almost 33 weeks)

I think I may have waited a week too long, but have promised myself that I will get all of the baby clothes, blankets, sheets, etc. washed before the week is through. Luckily I have all week off. After about the first 5 loads, the novelty and excitement of folding tiny, pink clothes definitely wore off. I am determined to get it all done as soon as possible though, because as time goes on, I am just getting more and more uncomfortable.

Milestone of the week: Kaylee has found my ribs!
I was very happy to be ignorant about what it feels like to have a foot stuck in your ribs for so long. Ignorant no more. She usually shoves her foot up there when I am sleeping and I don't notice it until I stand up to go to the bathroom. I am trying to stay as upright as possible to keep her outta there!
^Casey is trying to get used to all the baby gear^

(yes, that is a cabbage patch doll in the swing. we had to take a doll to our baby care class so we could practice swaddling and diapering and she has been hanging around the house ever since.)

Last week we found out that our crib was recalled because of dangers posed by the hardware for the drop side crib. :( It was disappointing, at first, and we (I) immediately started researching and looking for a new crib. Things have a funny way of working out though. A friend overheard a conversation about out crib being recalled and promptly let me know that they had not just a crib, but a whole nursery set that they are not using anymore! We are THRILLED to have been offered this set and although I can no longer say the nursery is complete, I am actually really excited to set up the nursery all over again! AND Babies R Us was having their great trade-in event where people can trade in old or unsafe baby equipment for a 25% off coupon. We hauled in our old crib and used the coupon for our new pack and play:

Kaylee was more active today than she has possibly ever been. Maybe she didn't know what to do with herself with all this peace and quiet. She can sleep through 15 kindergarteners yelling, screaming and talking to her all day long, but apparently needed no sleep this morning. If you look closely, you can see what I mean below (just watch out for my big ol' belly!)

Baby moving from Lisa Bergin on Vimeo.

Here's one of my students hanging out with Kaylee.
She talks to her everyday.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

32 week bump

Here's the belly at 12, 22 and 32 weeks...
^12 weeks^

^22 weeks^

^32 weeks^

32 weeks...

Just like you, your unborn baby will establish a daily routine. You'll notice at times your baby is active and wiggly, while at other times you can't feel his movements. Once your baby's born, he'll most likely continue with his in-utero pattern. Along with a routine, your baby has favorite positions too. A favorite of many unborn babies is to have their heads down, rumps up towards the ribs (conveniently, the perfect position for labor).

The thirty-second week of pregnancy is a big milestone. From this point on, your baby can be born and be perfectly healthy, and if he's at a good weight, he may not even need to spend much time in the hospital.

We had our 32 week appointment yesterday. We are now going every two weeks and soon we will have to go to the doctors once a week! Everything checked out great! I passed my glucose test with flying colors, I am gaining weight at a good rate and I am not retaining fluid yet (yay!) I am measuring about a week ahead and the doctors prediction is that Kaylee will arrive early or right on time. She said that it is not true that all firstborns come late and that I shouldn't count on that. She also told me if I went into labor today, they would not stop it. Which made it all suddenly seem very real!

We went to our first baby care class at the hospital last night. It was an informative enough class but slightly excruciating for me to sit through until almost 9:00 at night! Way past my bedtime and I can't sit still that long. Thank goodness I don't have a desk job!

On another note, the crib that we were given was finally recalled :( We kind of expected that a recall was coming. So it seems that we will be crib shopping this weekend. Just when we thought the nursery was just about done. Luckily we don't plan on using the crib for awhile, so there is really no rush.

I have next week off of work which will be filled with painting birdhouses for the nursery and washing load after load of adorable, tiny, pink baby clothes! The countdown is on... 8 (ish) more weeks to go!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

more pics

Since we don't get any new pictures, I will just have to post old ones. Here are a couple more from our ultrasound at 26 1/2 weeks. I love her little mouth!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

31 weeks

Week 31

Will it be baby blues or a brown-eye girl? Your baby's iris color begins to appear around the thirty-first week. Most babies are born with dark blueish-brown or bluish-gray eyes, but this shade almost always changes after birth. True eye color won't be apparent for six to nine months -- final formation of eye pigmentation happens in response to exposure to the strong light of the outside world.

In the meantime, the fetus's eyes are being readied for life after birth. Pupils begin to dilate in response to the soft, pinkish-red light that filters into the uterus. Eyes are usually open during alert times and closed during sleep.

At seven months of pregnancy, your baby’s head hair is starting to grow and she looks more like a newborn. Her body is well formed and her skin is pink and smooth. She has grown eyebrows and even eyelashes, and her eyes that were fused shut have opened. Her nails have reached the tops of her fingers and toes. Her lungs are beginning to be functional and if she were born this month, she would have a good chance for survival. Shine a bright light on your belly, and she may turn towards it.

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