Sunday, February 27, 2011

10 months (a little late)

Someday I will be able to update this blog in a timely manner. Until then, I am trying to at least update it monthly. Here she is 10 1/2 months but better late than never.

Biggest news of the month is that Kaylee is WALKING! She took her first steps on Feb. 5, just shy of 10 months. It seemed to take her forever to learn how to crawl and then she turns around and starts walking! Needless, to say our lives have continued to change. We need to be a lot faster and ensure that our house is totally baby proofed.

At 10 months Kaylee is...

*saying things like mamama, dadada, bye. I think bye is they only one she uses correctly though.
*opening draws, cabinets and toilet seats
*doesn't go to daycare anymore, stays with her old teacher at her house with one other baby.
*hates baths, diaper changes and getting dressed
*not really eating purees anymore. Table food only
*gets mad if you don't share your food with her
*still fits into 9 month pants, wears some 18 month shirts but is pretty much in 12 month clothes
*giggles, laughs and loves being tickled
*likes to do whatever you tell her not to
*is sleeping through the night. in her crib. (big change for us)
*loves climbing and even pushes objects over to things she wants to climb to act as stairs!

Mama got a new camera, and while I have used it as much as I would like, I plan on improving my photography skills and documenting this little girls life as best I can! Here's a few from a recent trip to Balboa Park:

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