Wednesday, September 9, 2009

30 weeks to go!!!

How far along? 10 weeks
Total weight gain: -5 pounds
Maternity clothes? worn twice, for comfort--not necessity
Sleep: interrupted by trips to the bathroom 2-3 times a night :(
Cravings? Right now, kung pao chicken from Peony's please
Aversions? More than I can count, oddly enough chicken is high on that list (I'm very conflicted)
Best moment this week: Hearing wonderful things about the hospital we will deliver at from someone who actually delivered there and getting a lead on a great pediatrician!
Movement: none yet
Gender: your guess is as good as mine
Labor Signs: None.
Belly Button in or out? In.
What I miss: pineapple champagne
What I am looking forward to: being able to tell EVERYONE!
Milestone: made it through the day without a nap! (although I'm quite ready to go to sleep right now. it's 7:00pm)
Next appointment: Tomorrow


  1. I love reading your blog. Wish I was there!


  2. Chicken is high on my aversions list too! And I'm fully in to maternity clothes now. I like this list - I may borrow it for my blog :).


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