Sunday, September 26, 2010

it's been awhile...

Sadly, I haven't updated this blog since August! Time is just flying by. The school year started and now I am officially a working mom. It's been about a month since I have been back and I am still adjusting. Kaylee started daycare. While I hate the fact that she has to be cared for by someone else, I do really like our daycare and her teachers. So, I guess it's the best of a not-so-ideal situation. We made it through our first cold and whooping cough scare. All is well in the Bergs household and we are simply trying to enjoy every moment, as it goes by all too fast!

At five and half months Kaylee:

weighs 18 pounds 1 ounce
is sitting by herself for short periods of time
rolling over like crazy
trying to move herself across the room
does a little baby backwards "worm" to move across the room
has started solid foods
loves sweet potatoes and peas
hates green beans and applesauce

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