Friday, October 8, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

Good thing babies bounce!

because I've fallen with her in my arms twice now! I must say, I am not typically a clumsy person. I don't usually fall for no reason or trip without being able to catch myself...until now apparently. I can't believe I have fallen, to the ground, with this poor kid in my arms! As a mother it is the absolute worst feeling ever! Luckily, she was perfectly fine both times. I guess it is instinctual to sacrifice your own body to protect your baby, because both times I came out bruised up and she escaped without a scratch. Today was the worst though! I was carrying her, along with all her other daycare supplies, and slipped on the wet concrete! I went tumbling down, my shoe went flying, all her stuff fell on the wet ground, and I tumbled into the corner of the concrete pillar, landing on the pillar before hitting the ground. Panic swept through my entire body as we both ended up laying on the ground. Then she started to cry. She must of seen the fear in my eyes and just gotten scared because as soon as I picked her up, she stopped and was happy as can be. UGH! worst feeling ever! So I am battered and bruised, annoyed with the daycare and their stupid, extra slippery sidewalk and anxious to be back with my baby BUT we are all okay and it's a good thing babies bounce!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Kaylee waving

OK, so a week or two ago, Kaylee and I were at a work event and we said bye to someone and she waved. I wrote it off as a fluke. Then her daycare teachers started telling that she is waving (with purpose). I didn't really believe them, so they took a video. In my opinion, the jury is still out on this one. Although her teachers are quite convinced that she can wave and she does it at school all the time. Here's the video, I'm not sure it's very convincing, but cute nonetheless!

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