Friday, September 25, 2009

12 weeks, 2 days in 4D!

We just came from our Nuchal Translucency Screening and everything is looking a-okay! The baby has two arms, two legs and ten fingers (we were not able to count the toes!) The tech measured the foot and it is only 1 centimeter! We got to see the baby in 2D, 3D and 4D, hear the heartbeat and see the blood flowing from the umbilical cord to the heart. We also got to see it's little brain and spine. We got to see it's face in 4D but it kinda looks like an alien. The technician tried to figure out the gender but he said at this point it's just too early to tell. We can go back in 3 weeks to find out for sure if we want to. It was a pretty crazy experience, to say the least!! We got a movie of the whole thing but we have to figure out how to format it to post on the blog.

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  1. Cool, but creepy. It's crazy that they can do that stuff now! Just think, when we were in utero, they didn't even have sonograms! My baby blankets are all yellow and green cause they didn't know my sex.
    What will they be able to do in the next 30 years?


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