Saturday, August 28, 2010

first food...

So, based on our doctor's recommendation and Kaylee's insatiable appetite, we decided to slowly begin introducing solids. We started tonight with a organic brown rice cereal mixed with breast milk. We have been counting how many ounces she eats for so long, I guess I had ounces on the brain. I mixed ounces instead of tablespoons of breast milk with the cereal and obviously got a very runny mess. I added more cereal but I still think it was too runny. Oh well, we'll do better next time.

She seemed to enjoy this new (very messy experience). I am pretty sure she got more all over her face and clothes than in her tummy, but it was good practice!

we gave in...

I have heard about "Sophie" FOREVER! I really didn't think it could be that good. I thought it was just the latest fad and was just an overpriced chew toy. After buying tons of other chew toys (I guess she isn't a dog, what are they? teethers??) anyways, after buying a bunch and not finding any that she liked, I gave in and bought Sophie (from Nordie's no less, I didn't even search to find her on sale).

She really is THAT good and Kaylee loved it from the moment we gave it to her. Should have listened to everybody and bought her first. Would have saved myself a few bucks in the long run!

(and Grandma just had to buy her a new fancy headband)

4 month check-up

We had a 4 month well visit a little late. The doc says she is hitting all her milestones and developing very well. She weighed just over 17 pounds and was 25 1/2 inches long. She was off the charts for weight and in the 90th percentile for height. At 4 1/2 months we are packing up all the 3-6 month clothes and moving on to the 6-9/12. She is in size 3 diapers. She has a seemingly insatiable appetite as of late and the doc said that we could/should start solids soon. I was planning on waiting awhile longer but she is hard to keep up with these days. I should add that she weaned herself from breastfeeding about a month ago. So, I am exclusively pumping, which just gives me more to do each day. It is good though because Kaylee is starting daycare soon (boohoo) so at least we won't have any bottle feeding issues.

Here is my cutie, just before she got all her shots:

Friday, August 20, 2010

the face of success...

Here it is:This is my proud little girl right after she managed to finally roll over from back to belly. She has been trying really hard for the past week or so. She managed to crunch and curl her body up into a "C" shape, but couldn't manage to make it all the way over...until today!!! I am sure she is just responding to my cheers of joy, as opposed to being proud of herself, but who cares. One more milestone checked off the list. I probably should keep a video camera/real camera to catch these moments with a little more quality, but for now, blurry iPhone shots will have to do!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Kaylee at 4 months

Kaylee's 4 month "birthday" came and went. Life around here has been getting busier and it has caused me to neglect my blog. I'd like to say that I will get better about updates but I go back to work in two weeks, so I can't make any promises.

At 4 months Kaylee is...
smiling and laughing a lot
rolling from belly to back (when she wants to)
rolling from back to well, her side (she can't quite make it all the way over)
grabbing her feet
"talking" herself to sleep
loves her jumperoo
hates the bumbo
exclusively fed by bottle (still breast milk only)
utterly entertained by the dog
sleeping in her crib (for the first 5 hours or so)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Daddy's girl

Time for bed!

This is daddy's idea of jammies. Yeah, it doesn't look so bad from the picture BUT it's basically an undershirt and leggings. haha, I can't wait until he has to get her dressed for school!

The gear

One of the good/bad things about being a parent is all of the "stuff" that comes along with it. I really like trying out new things and having a variety of things to choose from but I don't like how much space it takes up in my house. We were blessed with lots of hand-me-downs so Kaylee has tons of things to choose from. Lately, she seems to be getting "bored" and wanting to move around more, do more, explore more. Unfortunately, she is just not quite big enough for a lot of the fun stuff that is waiting for her. Her toes just graze the ground in her jumparoo, all the toys are too far away from her on her exersaucer and it's definitely too soon for the jogging stroller!

On the move

This girl is making her way around the room...without even rolling over. She is coming really close to rolling over from back to belly but just can't quite get it. She does, however, manage to wiggle her body around the room from her back! I lay her down facing one way and before I know it she is halfway across the room! Well, not quite, but she can do a full 360 in no time! Better start child proofing!

Oh, and the crib didn't last any longer than an hour again. Fingers crossed for tonight! haha...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Crib--it's actually being used

We're trying out the crib thing. We have such a nice crib that is just collecting dust. It might just be made for that, as the family that gave it to us never used it either. I don't know how long it will last. She hasn't slept in her crib for more than an hour, ever. We have basically been bed sharing since we brought her home from the hospital. Yes, (gasp) she has been sleeping in our bed and no, I am not afraid of smothering her or rolling on top of her or hurting her in any way. It is actually very safe to bed share as long as you do it right and when I was nursing (i'm not nursing anymore, by the way) I was too darn lazy to get out of bed how ever many times a night to go nurse. Well, I never actually tried it because she was always in bed with us, but I imagine that I would have been too darn lazy. Anyways, bed sharing worked out really well for us. We recently started transitioning her to the pack and play in our room and when she would wake for her 3 am feeding, she would come to bed with us and sleep the rest of the night there. Since the countdown is on until I have to return to work (29 more days... more on that later), I figured we should try transitioning her to her crib. We are getting all this bed time routine stuff down, mostly in preparation for the hectic schedule we will have beginning in 29 days. Ugh! I'll keep you posted on how this whole crib thing works out. 45 minutes into it and she is still sound asleep. Oh, and I cheated, I put her in there when she was already asleep. Yeah, I know, that won't teach her how to put her self to sleep...we'll deal with that later
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