Thursday, February 25, 2010

34 week appointment

We went to our 34 week doctor's appointment today. It was pretty uneventful. Same old story-blood pressure is good, weight is good, no swelling, measuring right on track. The doctor said that she is head down and will probably stay that way, so that is good news. There is, of course, a chance that she could still flip around but the doctor says that is unlikely.

Next on the agenda--choosing a pediatrician. We have a bunch of recommendations and just need to pick one.

We went to our first childbirth class this week. We finished our series on "baby care basics" and were left feeling annoyed and disappointed that we wasted our money on those classes. Luckily, our childbirth class is taught by someone else and the annoying couples that were in the other class are not in this one. (not nice, I know, but it's true) Anyways, the childbirth class that I was dreading was not all that bad, we actually learned something and I especially enjoyed the last 15 minutes when the dads had to give massages to learn/practice relaxation techniques. I hope every class ends that way because, yes, we have 3 more! Yikes! We got bumped out of the accelerated class because they were overbooked and are stuck going once a week, for four weeks! Dare I say, this class actually got me excited to give birth!?!

As for me, I am fairing pretty well. No real complaints, just lots of annoying things. I could do without the heartburn and my new addiction to rolaids, I am so big that I have outgrown many of my maternity shirts and now when she moves she actually hurts me sometimes. My belly button has made it's way to an outie. It is really weird in itself but it also has apparently become extremely attractive to 5 year olds who just can't refrain from pushing my "button" (which REALLY hurts!) I know, it could be way worse, but I am definitely ready for this little one's arrival!

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  1. Oh Lisa!! It's getting so close!! your blog cracks me up, and the room os GORGEOUS!! You are so multi-talented. Had a fabulous time seeing you yesterday, you are RADIANT. Big hugs and love,


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