Wednesday, February 3, 2010

31 weeks

Week 31

Will it be baby blues or a brown-eye girl? Your baby's iris color begins to appear around the thirty-first week. Most babies are born with dark blueish-brown or bluish-gray eyes, but this shade almost always changes after birth. True eye color won't be apparent for six to nine months -- final formation of eye pigmentation happens in response to exposure to the strong light of the outside world.

In the meantime, the fetus's eyes are being readied for life after birth. Pupils begin to dilate in response to the soft, pinkish-red light that filters into the uterus. Eyes are usually open during alert times and closed during sleep.

At seven months of pregnancy, your baby’s head hair is starting to grow and she looks more like a newborn. Her body is well formed and her skin is pink and smooth. She has grown eyebrows and even eyelashes, and her eyes that were fused shut have opened. Her nails have reached the tops of her fingers and toes. Her lungs are beginning to be functional and if she were born this month, she would have a good chance for survival. Shine a bright light on your belly, and she may turn towards it.

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