Wednesday, February 10, 2010

32 weeks...

Just like you, your unborn baby will establish a daily routine. You'll notice at times your baby is active and wiggly, while at other times you can't feel his movements. Once your baby's born, he'll most likely continue with his in-utero pattern. Along with a routine, your baby has favorite positions too. A favorite of many unborn babies is to have their heads down, rumps up towards the ribs (conveniently, the perfect position for labor).

The thirty-second week of pregnancy is a big milestone. From this point on, your baby can be born and be perfectly healthy, and if he's at a good weight, he may not even need to spend much time in the hospital.

We had our 32 week appointment yesterday. We are now going every two weeks and soon we will have to go to the doctors once a week! Everything checked out great! I passed my glucose test with flying colors, I am gaining weight at a good rate and I am not retaining fluid yet (yay!) I am measuring about a week ahead and the doctors prediction is that Kaylee will arrive early or right on time. She said that it is not true that all firstborns come late and that I shouldn't count on that. She also told me if I went into labor today, they would not stop it. Which made it all suddenly seem very real!

We went to our first baby care class at the hospital last night. It was an informative enough class but slightly excruciating for me to sit through until almost 9:00 at night! Way past my bedtime and I can't sit still that long. Thank goodness I don't have a desk job!

On another note, the crib that we were given was finally recalled :( We kind of expected that a recall was coming. So it seems that we will be crib shopping this weekend. Just when we thought the nursery was just about done. Luckily we don't plan on using the crib for awhile, so there is really no rush.

I have next week off of work which will be filled with painting birdhouses for the nursery and washing load after load of adorable, tiny, pink baby clothes! The countdown is on... 8 (ish) more weeks to go!!!

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