Sunday, October 18, 2009

Watching paint dry

literally & figuratively!

Yesterday Matt took three trips to home depot resulting in 6 paint samples and different color splotches all over the baby's room wall. I think we made a decision. We better get painting before we change our minds!

Time seemed to be flying for awhile, now it just seems to be standing still. I feel normal again, not much of a belly to speak of, two week hiatus from doctor's appointments, no more shots... the only thing that reminds me that I'm pregnant are the occasional hormonal freak outs and sciatic pain. I know, I know, enjoy this time before I'm getting kicked in the ribs and can't tie my shoes!

A little late but this is what's going on with baby in week 15...

Your baby is looking more like a baby every day. This week he is about 4 inches long crown to rump, and may weigh about 2 ½ ounces. The body is now growing faster now to catch up with the growth of his head. His legs have grown longer than his arms and he can move all of his limbs. Speaking of movement, this may be the week you feel him flutter about like a butterfly’s wings. Make no mistake that he is dancing around in there. You just may not yet feel it. Baby can kick, flail, twist, and turn.

His skin is still translucent. If you were to take a look inside your womb, you would see his blood vessels underneath his lanugo-covered skin. Lanugo is a downy-like hair that keeps your baby insulated and warm. He usually sheds this before birth or soon after.

His toenails and fingernails are beginning to grow, along with this eyebrows and head hair. Bones in his middle ear are beginning to harden, but his hearing has not yet fully developed. Sweat glands are begging to form, as well as taste buds. Although baby’s eyelids remain shut, he will move away from any bright lights shown directly at him. (source

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