Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nursery--Under Construction...

We can officially say that we are working on the nursery has furniture!!! We were given a crib and matching changing table from a good friend (well, technically her mother) and we were also given a family rocking chair; it finally looks like a baby room! We are ready to start fixing that nursery up! Matt is going to paint...soon. First we have to decide on colors though. We are apparently not very good at agreeing on baby decor! At least we managed to agree on names. We also bought a few blankets at Babies R Us to help us figure out a color scheme/theme/etc.

On a mommy note, I have been pregnant for over 100 and spent the last 75 of those giving myself a daily shot of progesterone oil. Until tonight!!! Today is my last shot!!! WOOHOO! I have been weaning myself off for the last two weeks and have not had any adverse reactions which means things are going well! If that continues we will have our last appointment with our fertility specialist on Tuesday. It's bittersweet--it's great because that means I can be a normal pregnant person, but it's a shame because we won't get to see the baby every week and I really like my doctor. I guess her job is done though and she did it well!

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