Monday, August 2, 2010

Crib--it's actually being used

We're trying out the crib thing. We have such a nice crib that is just collecting dust. It might just be made for that, as the family that gave it to us never used it either. I don't know how long it will last. She hasn't slept in her crib for more than an hour, ever. We have basically been bed sharing since we brought her home from the hospital. Yes, (gasp) she has been sleeping in our bed and no, I am not afraid of smothering her or rolling on top of her or hurting her in any way. It is actually very safe to bed share as long as you do it right and when I was nursing (i'm not nursing anymore, by the way) I was too darn lazy to get out of bed how ever many times a night to go nurse. Well, I never actually tried it because she was always in bed with us, but I imagine that I would have been too darn lazy. Anyways, bed sharing worked out really well for us. We recently started transitioning her to the pack and play in our room and when she would wake for her 3 am feeding, she would come to bed with us and sleep the rest of the night there. Since the countdown is on until I have to return to work (29 more days... more on that later), I figured we should try transitioning her to her crib. We are getting all this bed time routine stuff down, mostly in preparation for the hectic schedule we will have beginning in 29 days. Ugh! I'll keep you posted on how this whole crib thing works out. 45 minutes into it and she is still sound asleep. Oh, and I cheated, I put her in there when she was already asleep. Yeah, I know, that won't teach her how to put her self to sleep...we'll deal with that later


  1. This was me just a month ago. Now my daughter starts off in her crib and then moves to bed with me after her 3:00AM wake-up. We are currently trying to get her to sleep on her own and wow it's hit or miss.

  2. Good for you! We are huge fans of co-sleeping, it's just so much easier when they are little like that. Unfortunately Lucy never used her crib for more than an hour and we gave up and she was in our bed until she was 3! Yikes! Here's hoping you get the crib thing worked out!!!! :) Nothing better than snuggling with them! Baby is so cute, just beautiful.


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