Monday, May 3, 2010

Three weeks of motherhood

Apparently, it takes someone (me) three weeks to be able to manage motherhood and blogging. I have yet to master the art of one-handed typing, thus completely neglecting this blog. I have, however, mastered the art of one-handed photo uploads which is why you have only gotten pictures in the last three weeks!

Little miss Kaylee is now 11 pounds and goes to the doctor next week for her one month appointment! Yikes! I can't believe how fast it has already gone by. She gets a little bit more fun every day (and a bit louder). She is starting to stay awake more, which is nice because she is a lot more fun to interact with--difficult, because I thought I couldn't get things done before. I'm scared of the days when she is mobile and I have to get things done. It will all come with time, I KNOW!

Crying baby and barking dogs aside, life is getting back to normal. I wouldn't necessarily say we have a routine of any kind but we are managing. Best part, we have rejoined society and actually made it out for coffee and picnics with friends, gone grocery shopping and gone on lots and lots of walks. I am 2-3 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight and can fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes (they just don't quite fit the same).

First bath
So what's happened this week?? Kaylee's umbilical stump fell off at two weeks exactly. Glad that nasty thing is gone! It also means we were able to attempt our first "real" bath.

Kaylee actually seemed to enjoy the bath. She didn't cry and just kind of sat there, possibly wondering what was going on. Little did I know, she was just concentrating on a more pressing issue...

...once she was scrubbed all clean from head to toe and all rinsed off, she decided to let loose. Yes, she went #1 and #2 in her very first bath! If only she would have known that now she would have to suffer through the whole bath ordeal again!

Being in the bath was fine, but she does not like getting out of the bath!! All too cold for her and she was NOT a happy camper after this double bath.

Tummy Time = FAIL
With her stump gone, we decided we could start tummy time. While I have read that lots of babies don't like tummy time at first, they grow to enjoy the workout.
This is what Kaylee thought of her first "workout":

Yes, she fell asleep about 20 seconds into. We'll keep trying with that one!

--Rereading this I am realizing what tiny (and somewhat ridiculous) things matter to me now. Wow! Oh well, this is my life now...keep on reading or navigate away from this crazy place that is now my life ;)


  1. I'm recognizing some outfits here... What a cutie pie! Glad to hear you're getting out. You look fabulous!

  2. I love it, what a cute blog. Mom Blogs are so fun, well at least to other moms! It looks like you are doing fabulous and have such a cute little one. I would love to come visit this summer!!

  3. So sweet Lisa! As I stated on facebook - I will try to get to the post office to mail a pkg out I have had for Kaylee since week 1. She is beautiful and I am sure you and Matt are awesome parents!


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