Wednesday, March 24, 2010

38 weeks and progress...

We had our 38 week appointment this morning. Everything looks great, I lost 3 pounds and my blood pressure is still low. More importantly, we are making progress! Last week she was way up high, there was no progress and doc said that she isn't coming anytime soon. Today we were told she is starting to drop, I am 50% effaced and 1 cm dilated. I know to everyone that has had a baby before that that means nothing and I could walk around like that for weeks without going into labor, BUT compared to last week it is progress and was the best news I've heard in awhile. At least she is doing something in there and heading the right way! WOOHOO! This baby will be here before we know it!

She is doing great and active as ever. I don't know who said that babies movement slow down or soften near the end. They never met my kid because she seems to be more active and a heck of a lot stronger. The doctor gave me the not-so-exciting news that even once she has dropped, she could still abuse my ribs :( No mention of baby's weight today, but doc said that we are likely to have a LONG baby.

Maternity leave is treating me well. Lots of relaxing. I can't tell if the nesting instinct has kicked in yet. I sit around and think about all the things I should clean and reorganize, but have yet to get off my butt and fanatically clean anything yet. I have rearranged half the house, washed every item of fabric from Kaylee's room and made a really long to-do list (more of a honey-do list). It will get done, eventually, and if it doesn' will go on!


  1. YEAH!! Mitch didn't seem to slow down either. He was head butting my pelvis constantly. He still likes to head butt now! Will you have another sonogram when they check weight?

  2. no additional sonogram, unless i start measuring abnormally large or they fear that something is wrong. I'm on my own. She apparently doesn't like the "fetal" position and instead of being curled up in a little ball, she is making an "L" shape in my belly--head down, butt in my right ribs and legs trying to kick out my left side. good times. No head butts though, I guess I should be thankful for that??

  3. So many things for me to look forward too! :) I love the pics of Bailey on your belly. So cute. Love reading your blog and keeping up with you. Thanks for reading mine too! You were my inspiration! Can't wait to meet Kaylee! Great to see you today too!


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