Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kaylee at 27 weeks...

Today's the day...we have entered the 3rd and final trimester! Only 13 more weeks to go!

Our baby girl is approximately 14.5 inches and weighs nearly 3 pounds. Her hearing is fully developed, and the nerves in her ears have completely formed. She is keenly aware of sound and can move to the rhythm of music. The brain stem, which controls involuntary activity such as breathing and body temperature, is becoming more refined. Our baby girl will practice breathing in and out and can even cry. (source: iPregnancy)

I've still be feeling good. The sciatic nerve pain is starting to come back every once in awhile and it's getting harder to tie my shoes, but I am feeling great overall! We just registered for a few different "ready or not, you are going to be parents" classes over the few weeks and are getting very eager to meet our baby girl!

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  1. Yeah!! 3rd Tri!!

    I found wearing shoes with a little bit of a heel helped my sciatic pain.


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