Thursday, April 8, 2010

One baby, sunny side up

We had our very last doctor's appointment today. We got to go in the "special" room today, the room for women whose pregnancies are high risk or overdue. We got an ultrasound to check out the baby's size, position and amount of amniotic fluid. My fluid level is great, the baby is head down and based on ultrasound measurements, the baby is 8 pounds, 3 ounces. Doctor predicts that she is more like 8 1/2 pounds though. We'll have to wait and see how accurate that is, she says she has never been off by more than 4 pounds. Great.

The only problem is baby is sunny side up, or facing almost towards my belly instead of facing my back. The doctor gave me some positions to spend time in over the next few days to get her to roll over so that I can avoid painful back labor. So here is the silver lining...we have been waiting (quite impatiently) for this baby to arrive and if she had come on her own any earlier, we would not have known that she is facing the wrong way and I might have had to suffer an even more painful labor. With our late baby, we at least have some time to get her to flip over.

If she doesn't flip and come on her own in the next three days, we are scheduled for an induction. We will start on Sunday night and if nothing has happened by Monday morning, I will be started on pitocin (which I dread). So here's to about 84 hours left for Kaylee to come on her own! Let's get moving Kaylee!!

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