Tuesday, December 29, 2009

99 days to go!

Were down to double digits, 99 days to go! Time has really flown by. Thanks to grandma Janie, we were able to enjoy one more sonogram yesterday. She actually looks like a baby now! The first thing we saw was Kaylee sticking her tongue out at us! We saw her move and kick and squirm after a little motivation (or poking). She even tried to "bite" her umbilical when it floated past her face. The weirdest part was feeling her kick me while seeing it at the same time.

Kaylee weighs approximately 2 pounds and is about 13 inches! About the size of a really good lobster! Her head is huge! Her head is in the 90th percentile of development. So, she looks like daddy but has mommy's big head!

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